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All positions are currently voluntary and unpaid. However, we are actively working towards being able to pay all interns.

Non-Profit Development Intern

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Our Development Interns help with everything related to managing a non-profit + more

  • Help develop and implement new fundraising campaigns and programs

  • Help establish and maintain relationships with key community leaders

  • Help with the writing of grant applications in support of various projects and programs

  • Help grow the organization's donor base and maintain accurate records of all donations

  • Help with fundraising events throughout the year

  • Help with donor recognition programs to show appreciation for contributions

Social Media Intern

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Digital Media Coordinator creates original text and video content, manganese post and responds to followers on all platforms to increase’s social media presence. Manage the company’s image and in a cohesive way achieve our marketing goals, while ensuring is seen in a Cultivated Mature Positive way.

  • Generate, edit, publish and share engaging content (ex; original text photos, videos, and news)

  • Collaborate with Station Manager and CEO to ensure brand consistency

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