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D-Train w/ Darren DeVoue

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The D-Train w/Darren DeVoue derisively dishes on diversions (sports), district disclosures (local news), kooky crimes, and more. No doubt, it's D best way to start your week!

Delco Sports 360 w/ Dave Burman

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One-hour program focusing on high school sports in Delaware County. Featuring teams, coaches, and players. 

Sistas On Air

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Sistas On Air is a podcast with hosts Porsche’ P, and Nee Nee. This podcast is about women who are mothers, single and married trying to balance motherhood, marriage, entrepreneurship, and life. The vision of Sistas On Air is to discuss taboo topics that reaches generations. The podcast is also designed to showcase local and upcoming artists, community leaders as well as entrepreneurs. Sistas On Air was founded by Porsche’ P who has always had a passion for radio and the communication filed. She has a BA in Communications from Cheyney University. Porsché had a vision of a podcast where women and men can have a voice. She enlisted on her Sorority sister to join her on the air.

Parenting with a Purpose

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Thursdays @7pm

Donna Carson-Williams, a Chester native is on a mission to bring the responsibility, nobility, and beauty of parenting back to the parent. Parenting With a Purpose show aims to reach, teach, and propel single moms, single fathers, married parents, divorced parents, adoptive parents, foster parents all over the world with engaging conversations to help parents raise up successful leaders.  DonnaJanel believes that parents are the bows and children are the arrows and they will land in the direction you point them to. 



Are you in search of a podcast that is entertaining yet informative, transparent yet vulnerable, and structured yet off the cuff, then tune into CMPRADIO.NET's "THE CUT UP PODCAST." Join creator and host, Curtis "The Duke of Cuttingham," along with his co-hosts: Nee-Nee "The Voice of Reason," Porsché P "The Young Tenderoni Herself (Tenda)," and Mike G "Money Mike G The Enforcer" as they hilariously banter over life experiences during segments such as "The Topic of the Day" and "Good Talk" followed by fun games like "One Gotta Go" and "Jammin On The One." So if gags and giggles are your thing, then "cut up" with us... BOOM!!!

Keeping It 100

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Dr. Kristin Ball Motley is on a mission to make sure black people learn and understand what they need to know to make good health decisions. George Mink, Jr (aka The Street Practitioner) is on a mission to reset the way black men approach health issues.  Keeping It 100 entertains, informs, and delivers honest conversations on health topics that matter to our community. Check out Keeping It 100 every Wednesday at 12:15pm. 


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